Cost of Studying in Australia

In Australia the cost of study is very competitive compare to rest of the world. this is one of the reason more and more students are willing to study in Australia and acquire world-class qualification with legitimate fee.


Indicative Fee*

Foundation Studies

  • Such as university entrance, preparatory and bridging courses
  • A$9,000 to 14,000 a year


  • Bachelor Degree, such as courses in arts, business, economics and law
  • Laboratory-based Bachelor Degree: Such as science and engineering courses
  • A$14,000 to 35,000 a year
  • A$14,000 to 35,000 a year


  • Graduate Certificates/ Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters/ Doctoral Degree
  • A$15,000 to 36,000 a year
  • A$15,000 to 36,000 a year

Vocational education and training

  • Certificates I – IV/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma
  • A$5,000 to 20,000 a year

* Please note the fee structure provided above are indicative figure for guidance only and it is subject to change based on individual institutions and courses. The fee structure also gets revised yearly. For more detail about the courses and fee please contact us.