Accounting is the backbone of business and your ticket to a vibrant career. You could work as a financial analyst, taxation officer or specialist, forensic accountant, manager, banker or entrepreneur. Accounting is vital to many organisations, so it’s no surprise that the field is such a popular choice among international students coming to Australia. In fact, more than half of Australia’s undergraduate accounting students are from overseas (The Good Universities Guide 2015).

Accountants play an active role in a company and can work in any industry or sector. They can choose between large firms, smaller private practices, government, not-for-profit organisations, schools, arts organisations. The field covers many different workplaces, roles and specialisations (auditing and insolvency, cost and management accounting, business consultancy, foreign exchange and taxation among them) and there is much call for skill in making deals, getting on with people and thinking in big strategic terms. Many accountants take advantage of their transferable skills and spend time working overseas.

Australian universities are among the best in the world, and are linked to institutions in more than 100 countries. After graduating in Australia, you will be able to work in companies around the world.

Australia has dozens of universities, and thousands of courses. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure of excellent education standards, innovative teaching styles, and a focus on giving you both practical skills and intellectual ability.

In fact, many countries in the world turn to Australia for advice on improving their education systems.

Just as importantly, most Australian qualifications are recognised and accepted overseas – allowing you to take your skills wherever you want.

Hundreds of thousands of international students enrol at Australian education institutions every year with confidence that they will avail the highest quality training.

There are three qualification levels in accounting:

  • VET study in accounting
  • Undergraduate study in accounting
  • Postgraduate study in accounting

Career opportunities

Graduates of accounting and related programs find work in all sorts of workplaces. At the VET level, accounting courses prepare graduates for roles such as bookkeeper or payroll clerk. To become a professional accountant, it is necessary to complete a bachelor degree. Graduates of higher education qualifications are eligible for professional recognition through the Institute of Public Accountants.

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