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Australia is a world leader in the hospitality industry and has developed the educational framework to support this industry. This makes Australia the ideal place to study all areas of hospitality. Australia provides a wide range of programs and courses where International Students can obtain practical and theoretical skills and knowledge for application in the hospitality industry. Career opportunities within hospitality are diverse, with opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge around the world.

Best Reasons to Study Hospitality in Australia:

• Globally Recognized Qualifications

As we know Australian qualifications are recognized in all over world. All the industries which require the professional services of those who study hospitality happen to give preference to professional who have a degree from Australia. Therefore those who study hospitality from Australia can rest assured that they have a secure job in any part of the world they would like to work.

• Various Opportunities

Those who study hospitality in Australia have a whole range of opportunities which come knocking on their door-step. These professionals who study hospitality have boundless opportunities when it comes to choosing a job. Hospitality degree holders enjoy full array of job openings in the vast industries of travel and hospitality. They can join a casino or a restaurant with equal easy as they could join an airline or a five star hotel for a job. It is unimaginable for any other profession to be able to give professional this many options when it comes to job opening.

• Flexible Working Hours

Hospitality graduates have a lot of flexibility in terms of their working hours which could be a day shift and night shift or anything in between. They can choose their own working hours so the professionals who like to pick some extra jobs during the peak season can easily find a whole lot of weekend jobs which they can choose from. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to study hospitality.

• Qualifications

Education providers offer array of specially crafted courses in hospitality field from Certificate level to Master degree that suiting students/ professional’s needs. Some of qualifications are given below that Australian institution provides:
• Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
• Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
• Certificate III in Patisseries
• Diploma of Hospitality
• Bachelor of business management//International Hotel and Tourism Management
• Bachelor of Business/International Hotel and Resort Management
• Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management

Most of universities and institutions offering hospitality courses, you can easily get overwhelmed. Education Zone Australia team have experience of helping students from all countries who wants to study in Australia.

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