The Professional Year Program offers former international students, who have graduated from a university in Australia, an introduction to their respective occupation and relevant practical training. Australian Internships provides the practical component of the Professional Year Program  and has been approved by the accrediting bodies authorised by the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection.


  • Enhance professional skills and expand employment opportunities
  • Learn the fundamental of Australian work practices, business communications and the professional code of conduct and ethics
  • The successful completion of the PYP allows participants to get an additional 5 points towards Permanent Residency in Australia under the general skilled migration scheme
  • Improve your employment prospects in Accounting / IT / Engineering industry
  • Become a member of ACS / CPA / NIA
  • Obtain a reference and demonstrate valuable experience on your CV
  • Access career assistance and job seeking advice


  • Theoretical Component: Involves workshops and seminars provided by the accredited education providers
  • Practical Component: A subsequent hands-on unpaid internship with a host company provided by Australian Internships.


  • International graduates aged between 18 to 45 who have obtained an Australian qualification as a result of at least two yearsof study in Australia.
  • Applicants must hold a Skilled Graduate Visa 485or be waiting to have their 485 visa approved. For further information on the Skilled Graduate Visa visit